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Tacos El Tizon 2

Tacos El Tizon 2

4912 S Eastern AveSte 1
Las Vegas , 89119
(702) 228-4966
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Hours: 7 days, 7am-6pm

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Yet another "authentic" Taco joint in Las Vegas. This one on the corner of Eastern and Tropicana.

I was just getting a snack; 2 tacos. There was 1 person ahead of me at the counter.

Tizon Counter

They have a dining area if you want to eat in, but I was taking out. I ordered an El Pastor and an Asada taco at the register. One of the girls seemed to speak English ok. No Pineapple, beans on the side, red salsa. Remember this.

Tizon Dining Area

Unlike El Gordo, the operation here is very clunky, it took then quite a long time to make a couple of small orders (while at El Gordo the guy makes a taco in 15 seconds in front of you).

Takeout comes wrapped in foil. The salsa didn't look red to me.

Tizon Takeout

Ok, so there was pineapple on my El Pastor tacos, and they gave me the wrong salsa.

Tizon Tacos

The receipt clearly says red salsa. Nice big fonts. She didn't seem to get the no pineapple part onto the order..

Tizon receipt

I tried the Asada first; pretty typical. Lightly seasoned meat. Not too much cilantro. $1 less than El Gordo but no Guacamole, so maybe a slightly better value.

Tizon Asada Close

I tried it with the beans, since that's how they serve it normally. The beans had no flavor at all. They served no purpose.

Tizon With Beans

I was able to get the pineapple off of the Pastor tacos as it was just sitting on the surface.

Tizon Pastor Close

I tried with and without pineapple. I have to say the El Pastor tacos were quite good; definitely better than either El Gordo or Tacos El Pastor. They had a nice, mild flavor.

The green sauce was not to my liking (I never get the green sauce), so I had no sauce for either taco.


Considering they couldn't get a 2 taco order right I'd have to give pause to return here. The tacos were OK and they're cheap; not many places you can get lunch for $6.

Also nothing particularly memorable; if they had a good sauce for the El Pastor I think it would be a lot better. Pineapple doesn't do it for me.

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