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Signature Java Chip

Chasing Java Chip Ice Cream

For those of you who long ago gave up trying to find Java Chip Ice Cream, it's back in the form of Signature Brand Java Chip. Signature is a private brand of Albertson's; you can also find it at Safeway, Vons and Acme markets.

I picked some up recently and it's been so long I can't be sure it's exactly the same as the original Java Chip; but it's pretty darn good. Dark chocolate chips in coffee ice cream.


Something I find quite irritating about supermarkets is that they tease you with brands sometimes; you find something you really like and get somewhat addicted to it, and then they stop carrying it. With Publix as the only normal full service grocery (I don't consider Winn Dixie Full Service in terms of brand selection), if Publix stops carrying something, most of the time you just can't get it. What's even more annoying with Publix is that they have different brands at different stores; some things I can only seem to get at one of the 3 stores that are in my area.

I'm not too big on sweets, but every once in a while I like a scoop of ice cream before I go to bed; something sweet that will satisfy my hunger so I won't eat a big dagwood sandwich. When I first moved to Florida, Publix was carrying the Starbucks line of ice cream, and Java Chip was one of the flavors. I'm not sure why I bought it the first time, but man was it good. It's coffee ice cream with dark chocolate chips in it; chocolate chunks really. You can't describe anything that good in words.

At some point Publix stopped carrying Starbuck's and I did without Java Chip for awhile. Every once in a while I'd check the ice cream section to see if it was back; and one day I noticed that Haagen Dazs had either added a Java Chip flavor, or Publix had started carrying it. They had it fairly regularly for a year or so, and then it was gone.

Update 3/19/16

Months without Java Chip, and finally one day I was craving some ice cream and I thought I'd try another brand. I tried Edy's Espresso Chip; it's junk. I tried some Espresso Chip Gelato. I didn't like that either. I gave up on the chips, and I bought some Haagen Dazs Coffee Ice cream, which is really good. I tried putting some dark chocolate bits in it , but it just wasn't the same. The next time I wanted some, I paused at paying $7.89 for a little carton of ice cream that wasn't exactly what I wanted. So I bought a much bigger carton of Breyer's Coffee for $6.19, and I found that I liked that almost as much as the Haagen Dazs. But it still wasn't good enough.

Then I found the ultimate tool; The Haagen Dazs Flavor Finder. You just choose your flavor, and it tells you which stores near your zip code have gotten a shipment recently. I found that they had some at the Publix on South Andrews; and in fact they did have some when I got there.

So to Haagen Dazs, thanks for having a fairly unique and useful tool for your customers. And for Publix, what's the big deal with carrying Java Chip ice cream in all of your stores? Have you ever tasted this stuff? Are people really buying Rum Raisin ice cream; you always have that in stock?

Update 3/16/15

Spotted in the freezer at Publix on E Sunrise on 3/15/15

Javachip 0315

They only had the tiny size and it was $5.15, so I didn't buy it. But it may be back in the mix.

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