Last Update: Apr 10th, 2023
Sirricos Pizza Las Vegas

Sirrico's Pizza

3790 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas , 89109
702 740-6969
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Hours: Sun-Thu 11-2am, Fri-Sat 11-3am
Attire: Casual
Parking: Hotel Garage
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Beer
Outside Dining: No
Delivery: No


Big Slices


Slow Pay Line
No Oregano

Critic's Review

The problem with this place is that it's too good; many times the line is just too long for me to want to wait.

Sirricos Line Late Night

Review 9/21/21

After 10pm, many of the food venues in New York, New York are closed. Not Sirrico's.

This sure thing slice venue always has a line, if not a small one.

Sirricos Pizza Line

Thay had some decent looking pies. They had some really big slices of Sicilian today. I couldn't resist.

Apparently you don't need to be Italian to make a good pizza.

Sirricos Behind Counter

The line moves very slowly; something to keep in mind if there's a long line. It shouldn't take so long to buy a slice.

Sirricos Pay Line

One thing that bugs me is that there's no oregano. I can live without it, but it makes it more authentic to me.

Sirricos Big Sicilian Slice

good sausage. Superb crust. Something I couldn't get in Florida the last decade I was there.

Review 08/05/22

One thing about Las Vegas is that there's a lot of good pizza to be had. When you're in New York, New York, Sirrico's is the place to get a slice. It's open later than most of the other venues, and the slices turn over quickly so you rarely have to wait for them the heat it up.

Sirricos Pie

You grab a tray, point at the slice you want and they scoop it into a plate.

Pizza and a draft is $9.99; but I already had a beer. So I just paid for the slice.

Sirricos Slice and Beer

This is very good Sicilian pizza. I don't usually go for Sicilian, but this is just what I needed to fuel the rest of my evening.


If you're from NY and just looking for a snack, a slice of pizza is something you can get in the wee hours. Sirrico's is real NY pizza; no question about it.

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Love the Pizza in this place!

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