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Slice of Vegas Mandalay

Slice of Vegas

3930 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas NV, 89119
+1 702 632 6470
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Hours: Sun 10am-11pm, Mon-Thu 11-11pm, Fri-Sat 11-12am
CC: AMEX,Discover,MasterCard,Visa

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While they say Las Vegas is open 24/7, trying to get food at the Mandalay Bay after 9:30 on a Wednesday night wasn't easy. The restaurants close at 10 so they've stopped seating new diners; even Starbuck's closes early. After a day of house hunting I was famished; I had to find something.

This place is in the mall between the Mandalay and Luxor; It's not just slices; it's a full service Pizzeria. I just wanted something to get me to breakfast, so a slice would do.

Slice of Vegas interior

I wasn't going to do sit down; they have the slices on display in the take out area of the restaurant.

Sliceofvegas slices

$5.95 for a slice, but they were pretty big. No other choices, so if I wanted to eat something other than room service, this was it.

Sliceofvegas menu

I watched the counterperson serve a person in front of me; it's a pretty slog-like process. She grabs a slice, walks back to the oven, puts it in and waits. No serving other customers while it's heating up. And she only left it in for a couple of minutes. 2 minutes tops.

She did the same with my slice. This process barely warms it up; doesn't even melt the cheese. The cheese packets are the exact opposite of freshly grated.

Slice of Vegas Pepperonli and Sausage Slice

I will say that it was a pretty good slice. Being hungry makes everything taste better, but this was definitely a plus slice.


This is one of the more affordable places at the Mandalay if you're on a budget or just don't want a $50 meal.

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