Last Update: Aug 9th, 2023
Walk Ons Harrahs Las Vegas

Walk-On's Sports Bar

3475 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas , 89109
(702) 693-6111
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Hours: 7 Days, 8am-11pm


Interesting Louisiana Fare
Lots of TVs
Nice Variety of Tap Beer


Mediocre Food
No Decent Hot Sauce

Critic's Review

Walk-on's, the sports bar with the dumbest name of all sports bars and partially owned by Drew Brees, has opened in Harrah's. I was walking the boulevard and decided to stop in and check it out.

From the casino floor, it's virtually impossible to find. There are arrow signs telling you what direction to take, but they just end with no restaurant to be found. I had to ask someone; you have to take the escalator to the 2nd floor. No sign by the escalator.

Harrahs Las Vegas Escalator

Walk down a bit and you'll eventually find it. It was pretty dead at lunch time so I'm not the only one who had trouble finding it.

Walk Ons Las Vegas Entrance

They have 4 big screens in the rear; it's not clear if that's going to be 1 huge screen for the main game or if they'll keep it at 4 screens showing the same thing. I think they still have some kinks to work out here.

Walk Ons Las Vegas Rear

I took a seat at the bar; I wasn't having a full meal. Lots of TVs with not much on. Tiger playing golf was the big event today.

Walk Ons Las Vegas Bar

They have a lot of different beers on tap; but I wasn't drinking either.

Walk Ons Las Vegas Beer on Tap

I ordered a cup of Gumbo, because that's how you measure a restaurant claiming to serve Louisiana fare.

Music here is unfortunate; I don't see how Sia, OneRepulic and Gorgon City Feat fit the sports bar or Cajun themes.

One good thing about gumbo is that it's pre-made, so there's no waiting. It came out right away.

Walk Ons Las Vegas Gumbo

Not very colorful; they don't even bother with the green onions here, which are a key ingredient. Take a look at the pics at the end of this post for a gumbo I got at another location.

Walk Ons Gumbo

The gumbo was "ok", not very spicy or interesting. I was offered hot sauce, but they only had Tabasco, which does nothing but ruin decent food. They need to get some better hot sauce.


Considering this is Harrah's, Walk-Ons is a nice addition to a place that has some other pretty good food venues. The food here isn't life changing, but it's a better place to watch a game than the sport book.

They also serve breakfast here; it's always good to have more breakfast options when staying in a hotel for a few days.

Previous Musings

I've been to a Walk-Ons before; I had Gumbo and a chicken sandwich.

Walkons Gumbo Blackjack Chicken

I started with the gumbo.

Walkons Gumbo

While it looked like a gumbo and had all of the correct ingredients; it didn't taste like gumbo. It didn't have that roux taste. Disappointing, but edible.

I also had the black jack chicken, sort of like a big mac with chicken and bacon.

Walkons BlackJack Chicken

The sandwich was excellent; bursting with flavor. And it was a big sandwich.

Say what you want about Harrah's the Resort; they now have some pretty interesting restaurants; with Ruth's Chris and Walk-ons as headliners.

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