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Park Eataly Entrance


3770 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas NV, 89109
(702) 730-7617
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Hours: 7 days, 7am-10pm
Parking: Hotel Parking
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Outside Dining: Yes


Large Space
Lots of Food Choices


Weak Hot Food Menus

Critic's Review

When Eataly opened in New York City, it was a big deal. I'd long since moved out of NY, and never got a chance to return. Before I moved to Las Vegas, I stayed at the Park MGM specifically to check out Eataly.

The venue is a large space that occupies the corner of the building with entrances on Las Vegas Blvd. There's also an entrance in the Park MGM Hotel.

Eataly vegas hotelentrance

Eataly is really a "marketplace"; there are separate areas where you can sit and eat, sit and drink, or eat and drink.

Eataly Wide

You can get some specialty pizza; this isn't NY style. It's pretty pricey and not what I was looking for.

Eataly pizza

The sandwiches looked interesting; good bread and interesting ingredients.

Eataly Sandwiches

But something bothered me about the sandwiches. How long have they been sitting there? I first noticed them at night, with the case half full at 9pm. Do they throw them out, or put them out again tomorrow? When were these sandwiches actually made? I passed on the sandwiches.

They have a wine bar, were you can get a glass of Chianti for $16.

Eataly Wine Bar

Don't expect a generous pour here.

Eataly Weak Wine Pour

They have a "chef's table" where supposedly they have classes or at least a show where you can watch a chef do his thing. I've walked through here countless times and never seen a show in progress.

Eataly Chefs Table

By far the most popular option is the "Pizzeria", where you can order a pizza or some ravoli.

Eataly La Pizza La Pasta

Review 3/21/21

Eataly Bar Wide

I felt like some pasta after a long day of driving so I settled into a bar seat at Eataly. I learned from my last visit, so I picked up a glass of wine before sitting down.

Eataly Bar 2022jpg

The servers today were brusque; I had trouble getting anyone's attention. At this point I realized how weak the menu is here; I didn't want the same thing I had last time, but I also didn't want ravioli or pizza. The choices are limited.

My server reluctantly gave me some bread. I ordered Cacio e Pepe, something I never order but I wasn't having spaghetti with sauce; I can have that at home any time I want.

Eataly Bread 2022

When the food was delivered I was wholly disappointed; I expected this to be better integrated.

Eataly Cacio e Pepe

To make this dish properly, the pasta should be tossed in peppered butter; with cheese then grated over the top and allowed to melt. This didn't appear to be prepared that way.

I'd asked for more oil, but my server didn't get the hint that I also needed more bread. I was never offered more bread.

Eataly No Bread

This just turned into pasta basted in parmesan cheese. Very disappointing.

Eataly Cacio e Pepe Cheese


So my first visit here was very pleasant; good food and good service, and my second visit I got curt service and bad food. If my second visit was my first, I'd never be back.

Review 9/21/21

The first night I stayed here I couldn't get a seat at the bar; a Wednesday; the place was packed. It was less busy on a Thursday for some reason and I got a prime seat.

Eataly Bar

A couple next to me was sharing a bottle of Rose; I quipped that I liked Rose but a man can only drink Rose when he's with a woman.

My server offered me a menu and I ordered a sparking water and the Bucatini All'Amatriciana, indicating that I'd order a Chianti when the food arrived. But they didn't have Chianti at this bar. The bars all have different offerings. Really, a pizza and pasta restaurant that doesn't have Chianti? This bar had a Brunello or something for $24. My server said he'd have no problem if I want to the other bar to get the wine, which I did. I got the wine and asked him to chill it while I wanted for the food; I'm pretty finicky about wine and I really don't like it at 75 degrees. 60 degrees is more like it.

I was offered sourdough bread and olive oil dip.

Eataly bread

I was hungry, and it was good bread.

The pasta came out in 8 minutes.

Eataly pastawine

The key ingredient in this dish is guanciale; cured pork jowl. Don't knock it until you try it; it puts pancetta to shame.

The pasta was nicely done with not too much sauce and a grate of cheese on top.

Eataly pasta close

A good amount of guanciale; a mild but flavorful sauce.

Eataly Pasta Red

A very satisfying if not spectacular meal. Seconds on the bread would keep me going the rest of the evening.

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