Last Update: Jan 14th, 2023
Grand Lux Palazzo

Grand Lux Cafe

3325 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas NV, 89109


Parking: Resort Parking
Happy Hour: M-Th 4p-6:30p Reduced prices on Select Drinks and Apps


While staying at the Venetian, I'd walked around and noticed there was another Grand Lux in the Palazzo. With more than an hour wait at the Grand Lux Venetian for breakfast, I got the idea that there might be less of a wait here; the Palazzo isn't nearly as busy as the Venetian.

I got here to not only find no wait; but an empty restaurant.

Grand Lux Palazzo Inside

I had to settle for bench seating; The booths were reserved, I guess for late sleepers. But I was just happy not to be waiting with all of the other fools at the Venetian.

Grand Lux Palazzo Booth

I ordered coffee the "Eggs any style, hash browns, toast" with Link Sausage ($14.95) with coffee; I was offered a bagel with cream cheese instead of the toast which I accepted with 2 hands.

Grand Lux Palazzo Breakfast

The eggs were incompetently made; these are the opposite of over easy. Good grief can't anyone make eggs in this town? Edible, but not what wanted.

Grand Lux Palazzo Eggs Close

The sausage was good as were the hash browns; a lot of fuel for a long day of walking ahead. $20 for a hotel breakfast isn't a bad deal.

Grand Lux Palazzo Breakfast 2


The Grand Lux is a comfortable restaurant with a huge menu. It's really your only choice in the Venetian / Palazzo for a sit down breakfast; this location serves the same food without the wait.

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