Last Update: Apr 12th, 2023
Venetian From Street

The Venetian

3355 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas , 89109
(888) 283-6423
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Resort Fee: $45
Parking: Free Self and Valet Parking


Canals are cool
Lots of Restaurants in the integrated Mall
Room are Large


Noisy Pool-side rooms
Lower end Crowd
Inadequate Breakfast Facilities in Hotel

Insider Tips

Venture Outside for Breakfast and Coffee
Don't pay extra for a "view"

The Venetian seems like such an interesting place, with all of the canals; the mall. The proximity. As it turns out, there was very little I liked about my stay at the Venetian.

Venetian Front Canals

I'd spent a bit extra for a "Select View" room. This was my first mistake. I also pre-checked in; I'd be arriving at noon so I hoped they'd have a room for me early, and in fact they did. This was mistake number 2.

Venetian entrance

The place is a rat race practically all day long. It's a big hotel and lots of people want to stay here.

Venetian lobby

I got my room keys and started the trek to drop off my luggage. The place does have really nice ceilings.

Venetian Lobby Hallway

Through the casino to the back of the property; it's a long walk to the towers.

Once you get upstairs there's a long hallway; of course my room was at the end of the hallway.

Venetian hallway

The first thing I noticed was the noise. Loud, bad music. It's seems my "Select View" was a view of the pool, which is basically a party with loud house music. Also a nice view of the construction next door.

Venetian room1 view

This was not going to do, so I walked all the way back to the desk to get another room. I explained to the desk lady about the noise and she blamed it on the early check in people "They don't know anything about the rooms". Good to know. She gave me another set of room keys and I made the long walk to the new room.

Venetian hallway2

As it turns out, this is the same room about 10 floors higher. Better view, but the same pool noise.

Venetian room2 view

Back to the desk; this time she said she didn't have a room on the other side yet, but she would after 3pm. So I ended up having to wait in the food court for an hour.

Venetian Food Court

Not yet knowing where the other coffee options where in the hotel, I got a cup here; an American Coffee for $6. It was terrible. stay away from this place.

Venetian coffee

They have some decent looking slices, but i wasn't having a slice. I was saving my appetite for dinner.

Venetian Food Court Slices

I got a text at 3pm and my 3rd room was ready. Another long walk to the room; this one on the other side of the hotel.

Venetian Hallway3

It was only 4pm and I'd already burned over 3100 calories. 7pm My time, to be fair. But still much walking to do.

Venetian Calories

All of the rooms are the same. I'm not a fan of the decor, but it's a very spacious room.

Venetian suite

This view was fairly uninspiring during the day, but it would be nice at night.

Venetian room3 view

The room comes equipped with 2 big screen TVs, which is pretty nice.

Venetian Room TV

There's a nice desk with plenty of convenient charging options.

Venetian Room Charging

And as expected, the view was quite nice in the dark.

Venetian Room Night View

The Pool

The pool at the Venetian is a party for cretins; Loud house music; no beautiful people to be found. Good Luck finding a spot on the late morning.

Venetian Las Vegas Pool

The bad news is that in the afternoon the hotel blocks the sun, so it ceased to be a sunbathing option later in the day.

Venetian Pool Shadows

The Casino

Venetian slots

Venetian Tables

Venetian Center Bar

Venetian Dorsey

Venetian Dorsey Inside


Starbucks Venetian

Venetian Bakery

Venetian Bakery Line

Noodleasia vegas

Blacktap vegas

Restaurant Row

Restaurant Row is between the Venetian and the Palazzo.

Delmonico venetian

Venetian Milos

Matteos venetian

Sugarcane venetian

Yardbird vegas

Lavo lasvegas

Cut venetian

The Mall

Vemetian Walkway

Venetian Madama Tussauds

Venetian Mall Entrance

Venetian Canal

Venetian Mall Food Court

Venetian Mall Taps

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