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New York NY Las Vegas

New York New York Hotel & Casino

3790 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas , 89109
(866) 815-4365
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Hours: 24/7

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I like NY-NY more than most people. Not the hotel; I've never stayed in a room here. But I like the food; the variety; the abundance of lower priced options. Maybe it's because I'm from New York originally.

Outside of the property is kind of cool also. Across the street from the Park MGM, it's almost as if Eataly it part of the NY experience, as it should be.

Sidewalk Bwtween NYNY and ParkMGM

Shake Shack is on the corner, and there are "walls of water" on the sidewalk which is a paradise for selfies.

NY NY Water Walls

In between Bierhaus and Top Round is the North Entrance.

NYNY North Street Entrance

The place is badly in need of updating; the front desk is a dingy area.

New York New York Front Desk

Nyny casino

The Starbucks is closed at night, as are all of the Starbucks on the strip. No drinking coffee instead of $32 drinks after dark.

NY NY Starbucks

The casino here is kinda cheesy; made cheesier than the New Yorker type of people that hang out here.

NY NY Casino Floor

Gambling can be found here; although I'm mostly here for the food.

NY NY Card Tables

NY, NY is the only Hotel on the strip that understands that you need a place to put your drink when you're going to the bathroom.

NY NY Toilet Cupholder

They have a Chocolate bar next to the Hershey's theme store. Hershey is in PA so I'm not sure how that fits in.

NY NY Chocolate Bar

Yes, there are slot machines.

NY NY Slots

Probably the worst Sports Book on the strip.

NY NY Sports Book

When I pass through here it's to grab a slice and listen to the dueling pianos; an idea born in this venue long before every hotel had them.

Casino Level Food Court

The foot court here is the best in the city; if you like NY style food

NY NY Burger Bar

NY NY America Restaurant

Greenberg nyny

NY NY Chin Chinn

NY NY Il Fornaio

There's good pizza here; the best Sicilian on the Strip..

NY NY Sirricos

And of course Hot Dogs. The hot dogs aren't nearly as good as NY Street vendors however. Quite sadly. They should have a hot dog cart out 24/7 instead of this place that closes at 10pm on weekends.

NYNY Hot Dogs

If you're on vacation, a 22yo cretin or just like carrying around the big plastic "glasses" with colorful drinks, you can get them at the Slush Bar.

NY NY Slush Bar

Craving Fish and Chips or some Fried Clams? Fulton Fish Fry has it.

Fulton Fish Fry

For a full scale restaurant, Tom's urban is a large venue with inside and outside seating.

Toms Urban Inside

In the heart of the food court is Dueling Pianos, a bar were you can sing along with them as they crank out Biily Joel and Neil Diamond tunes.

Dualing Piano Bar NYNY

There are so many of these in Vegas now it's hard for them to get talent; some of the performers hare can't sing at all. So be prepared.

NYNY Dualing Pianos

Upstairs Roller Coaster Area

One section of upstairs has a Nathans; better hot dogs than the place in the food court.

NY NY Nathans

Up here is also the waiting area for the roller coaster; It's constantly a zoo. Not much else to do in this hotel with kids.

NY NY Roller Coaster Area

MGM Grand Entrance

The hotel has several distinct entrances; the walkway from the MGM Grand takes you to an upper level features Pretzels and a Daiquiri bar.

NY NY Entrance From MGM Grand

There's also a smores station, but pretzels seem to be the big item for most.

NY NY New York Pretzel

They have lots of pretzel themed items, like pigs in a pretzel blanket. Not really like the hot pretzel carts in NYC, but the tourists like it.

NY NY New York Pretzel Food

There used to be a good pizzeria up here, but they suddenly closed. None of the nearby vendors know what happened

NY NY New York Pizzeria

There's a bar and a Daquorii bar for the more sophisticated

NY NY 24 Daquoris

An escalator takes you down to the main floor.

NY NY Casino High


Out front they have live rock music on weekends.

NYNY Live Music

Good bands, too. You can sit outside at Nine Fine Irishman or Tom's Urban and listen to the music.

Toms Urban Outside

And of course on the corner is Shake Shack; because where else would Shake Shack be in Las Vegas?

Shakeshack lasvegas

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