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The point of a site like this is to provide useful information. Disagreements are useful; shilling for the place where you work or that you own or where your girlfriend works is not useful; in fact it's misinformation. Stupid remarks are just noise. Owner complaints should be sent via the contact form. You're not entitled to equal time. We don't get equal time on your web site, so you don't get it on ours.

This is NOT a user review site. Please don't post a yelp-like review and then get annoyed because we remove it. If you have some useful insight; we want to hear from you . If you have your own opinion and want to write your own review, there are sites designed to allow you to do this. This site isn't one of them.

Only unique content will be retained. If we see comments cut and pasted into other sites, it will be removed.

All comments are moderated, and are posted at our sole discretion. If we think it's useful, we'll post it. You have no right to say whatever you want to our readers. If you want to say whatever you want, start a blog. It's a free country, at least for the time being.

Some rules:

- commercial names are not allowed
- no full names, company names, web sites, etc
- any comment with a link or mention of another web site will be deleted
- any comment with more than one exclamation point will be deleted.
- any comment using the words yummy, yum or delish will be deleted.
- any comment with the word "amazing" will be deleted
- no bashing; be cordial with your criticism
- perceived shills or hit jobs will be deleted at our discretion.
- no names of people are allowed. You can say "I spoke to a manager", but not "I spoke to the manager, Jimmy". No server names.


If you want to accuse someone of wrong-doing, feel free. But do it with a real email address so you can be held accountable in case you're just making it up. We won't disclose your name or email without a court order, but we must be able to contact you.

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