Last Update: Dec 24th, 2023
Joes NY Pizza 2023

Joe's New York Pizza

4480 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas , 89169
(702) 792-9001
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Hours: Sun-Thu 11-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-2am
Parking: Private Lot

Critic's Review

Another visit to Joe's to see if my first visit was an anomaly. Still a log of bad choices. Ham and Pineapple, Jalapenos, black olives. Easily the worst slice selection of any pizzeria I've ever been in. They did have some pepperoni that looked a bit old but it was the only thing I wanted.

Joes Slices Selection

$5.46. for a shriveled up slice.

Joes Pepperonl Slice

It wasn't a real pepperonl slice; the pepperoni were just laid on top.

Joes Pepperoni 2

This wasn't nearly as good as the first slice I got here. I think this is it for Joe's.

Review 6/10/22

On my way back from the strip one day, I stopped at Joes for a slice. Joe's is a classic pizzeria; you could eat here but really wouldn't want to.

Joes NY Pizza Slice Inside

The disappointment came with the selection. Every pizza place that sells slices in North America has pepperoni and sausage slices out but not Joe's; they had a deluxe, one with ham, one with bacon; every pie had something objectionable on it. I would have gone for any combination of pepperoni, meatball or sausage. I ended up getting a plain slice.

Joes Pizza Slices

$5 for a slice. We're not on the strip, and it's not like they were big pies. They didn't even look 18" to me.

Joes NY Pizza Box

I took a bit in the car while it was hot. The pizza is good.

Joes NY Slice

Still warm when I got home, Joe's can make a pretty good pizza.

Joes NY Slice Eaten

It's just too bad I had to pay $5 for a slice and I couldn't get what I wanted.


Poor selection and a higher price than expected made this a disappointing visit. Maybe I'll try again. Or Maybe not.

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