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Seabreeze cafe

Seabreeze Cafe

3950 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas , 89119
(702) 632-7406
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Hours: 7 Days 7am-2pm
Parking: Hotel Parking
CC: Yes


Nice Restaurant
Quick Service for Breakfast


High Hotel Prices

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Review 11/17/21

The Sea Breeze cafe is the only high-end breakfast experience at the Mandalay Bay, so I decided to come down and have a big breakfast.

It was early, so the restaurant was fairly empty; the place is very large and the hostess was walking me to the back of the restaurant.

Seabreeze inside

One good thing about covid is tables are far apart, so you get space.

Seabreeze tableview1

I habitually ordered coffee, even though I was toting a large cold brew I'd gotten at Starbucks. It was pretty good coffee so it wouldn't go to waste. The Starbucks would keep until afterwards.

Seabreeze coffee1

The food came out in 7 minutes; just the standard breakfast; $19 not including coffee.

Seabreeze breakfast1

A pretty standard portion although for $19 they could at least give you extra large eggs; no place does.

Seabreeze eggs1

The eggs had plenty of yolk and the sausages were the good pork ones; paprika potatoes were ordinary but edible.

Seabreeze eggs1 cut

All in all a decent meal. The price tag is absurd, but when you're in a big hotel it's the price you pay.

Review 11/18/21

There weren't any other options for breakfast; Citizens has the same prices and is like eating in a Deli, so I decided to come back here for day 2.

I was initially seated at a table behind the plant right next to a big group that was very loud.

Seabreeze origtable

I asked a server if I could move to a section less populated, and she reluctantly said OK. I didn't realize I'd be costing her a table; although they did seat someone at the original table shortly. The new table was more like what I had the day before; a lot more space and very quiet.

Seabreeze newtable

I didn't order coffee today, which would knock $4 off my bill. I ordered the same breakfast as the day before; mainly because I always order the same thing, and also to measure the consistency from day to day.

The food came out very quickly again, maybe 4 minutes.

Seabreeze breakfast2

The breakfast was about the same; fewer potatoes and not as much seasoning; the eggs clearly made in a round frying pan with a cover rather than over-easy as ordered, but as long as they don't cook the yolk it doesnt make too much difference.

Seabreeze eggs2

Toast comes out unbuttered; they don't assume how you want your toast.

Seabreeze plaintoast

You get your choice of butter or jam; I haven't had Jam since I was in grade school.

Seabreeze butterjam

I do like a lot of butter. I don't eat much bread so when I do eat it I like to lather it up with butter.

Seabreeze butteredtoast


If you're staying at Mandalay Bay, this is clearly your best choice; for the same price as the casual venue to get a true restaurant experience. The food is ordinary but there's nothing bad about it; and service is quick so you can pace yourself any way you need to.

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