Last Update: Jun 26th, 2023
Lucinos At Night

Lucino's Pizza

3421 E Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas , 89121
(725) 205-2414
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Hours: Mon-Thu 11-10p, Fri-Sat 11-11p, Sun 12-9p

Critic's Review

So some fool commented on a year old review and claimed that their menu is online and that I should provide correct info. Except the website provided (no links in comments people) is an order system, which is exactly what I said a year ago. Something i noticed that illustrated one of my peeves about the online ordering sites it that the prices are different on different sites.

Lucinos Web Prices

The screenshot from the left is from, where a build your own cheese pie is $14. They tack on a 2.5% service charge on this web site when you check out. The right hand shot is from, where it's $18 for a build your own cheese. This alternate site that "Rachael" is pushing also tacks on a bogus 95 cent service charge.

Lucinos Other Website

Adding insult to injury, they ask for a tip and claim the tip goes "100% to restaurant workers". Except the place is a little hole in the wall and they also claim it's "Family Owned and Operated". So who gets the tip, the owner and his sister? The owner and his girlfriend?

Order a pickup build your own pizza on one website and it's $18.02 and on the other website it's $20.54 for the exact same item. The whole thing is utterly insulting.

Review 3/24/22

My first try at pizza in Las Vegas off the strip was Lucino's. I live nearby and I was hoping it would be my go-to place for weekend pizza.

They don't have a menu on their web site; it goes right into an ordering app, which I really can't stand. They have a minimum $10 take out, which seems odd, but I really want to see a traditional menu. Am I being charged more to use the app? When I check out are they going to add an app service charge? I really hate the apps.

I ordered over the phone; old school. They told me 20 minutes and when I got there 18 minutes later it was ready.

The Philly gear was troubling; typically you want your pizza guys to be from NY or northern NJ; preferably Yankees fans.

Lucinos inside

I looked at the pizza before I dropped it into my trunk and I knew this wasn't going to remind me of my days growing up on Long Island.

Lucinos Pizza 032322

It wasn't a bad pizza, but not what I was hoping for. The crust was a bit too thick and they didn't use the good sausage; the crumbled stuff is never used by real NY pizza guys.

Lucinos Sausage Pepperoni Slice


Sadly, this isn't going to be my pizza place, despite the favorable proximity. I'm sure I'll find something better than this within a reasonable distance.

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Apparently you didn't go to the right website. You went through google instead of going to Please give correct information out. As a long time customer I am offended by this.
So you read the comments policy and then posted a comment with a web link after is says you can't do that? I put it back up because I noticed the prices are higher on that site. Are you steering people to the higher priced website on purpose?

Imagine "going through Google" instead of magically knowing which address to go to! So foolish of me.

BTW, that site is not a menu; it's yet another ordering system. Maybe you're like 16 and have never seen a real menu before? Click the menu link for their actual menu.

While checking the website mentioned I noted that it was $18 for. a build your own cheese pizza on that site; but it's $14 on their "other website". I'll update this post to point out this so you don't pay the higher price.

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