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Egg Works Sunset Henderson

Egg Works

2490 E Sunset Rd
Las Vegas , 89120
(702) 873-3447
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Critic's Review

The breakfast wars in the Las Vegas Metro area: Cracked Egg vs Egg Works. I've been to Cracked Egg locations a few times, but this was my first time at Egg Works.

I got here early on a Saturday, they put me at a table near the window. I prefer a booth but there was plenty of room at this table.

Egg Works Sunset inside

I'm not sure of the connection, but there's a train that runs high along the wall all around the restaurant. It doesn't seem to have any function other than to amuse.

Egg Words Train

The menu is sort of a newspaper; they have a lot of options.

Egg Works Menu

I wasn't being adventurous today; just a "Classic": over easy, link sausage and rye toast. My usual.

They give you a pot of coffee and a pitcher of half and half if you ask for it. No waiting for refills or someone topping off your perfectly sugared cup.

Eggworks table

The people next to me did something I've never seen a restaurant before; they split an omelet. And not only did they split 1 omelet between them, but they took a doggie bog with the leftovers.

The food came out quickly; less than 10 minutes.

Egg Works Sunset Breakfast

These aren't "over-easy", but they didn't overdo them. So the effect was the same.

Egg Works Sunset Eggs

The sausage weren't the good pork sausage; there are like the banquet frozen sausages you get in the supermarket. Tasty, but not the fat pork sausages. you get at some places.

Egg Works Sausage

The potatoes are seasoned with Habla Diablo hot sauce, but they're not very spicy. Baked, so maybe more "healthy"; I liked them. But they're not hot.

Egg Works Potatoes

Overall a decent breakfast.

They leave the bill on the table; you can either pay as you leave, old school; or you can pay with the ziosk app.

Egg Works Ziosk

One thing I liked is that they have a slider that allows you to select exactly how much you want to tip; no annoying presets that start at 20%. The girl left her shift mid meal and her replacement never bothered to check on me, so a low tip was in order.

Egg Works Tip


I'm intrigued to come back and try some of their more unique breakfast items, but as the Classic breakfast goes, Cracked Egg and Lucky Penny are both better than this place. Not bad, but nothing memorable either.

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