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MGM Grand Wide

MGM Grand Hotel

3799 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas , 89109
(702) 891-1111
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Hours: Open 24 Hours
Parking: Resort Parking


Large, multifaceted venue
Something for Everyone
Good Selection of Restaurants
Multiple Live Music Venues


Too many Kids
Can be very crowded

Critic's Review

The MGM grand has changed a lot since it opened in the early 1990s. The lion head entrance is gone, as is the theme park. The theme park was pretty lame for adults, except for 1 thing. They had this lazy river ride, and for 25 cents you could dump water on people on the ride from the outside. So people would just be enjoying their ride; getting ready to disembark, and you could drench them with a water canon. It was so much fun.

The Underground
The Central
The District
Level Up

MGM Grand Main Entrance

Today, the MGM is a marble palace; the lobby is a vastness of marble.

MGM Grand Front Desk

The massive lobby sets the stage for one of the most popular venues on the strip.

MGM Grand Lobby wide

A bit of yesteryear is captured mid lobby with a boxing ring with a golden lion.

MGM Grand Lobby Ring

The Underground

Off the lobby is the "Underground", which is where you go to wait for a rideshare.

MGM Grand Uber Entrance

There's a full mall underground, with lower end venues for the kind of people who are addicted to Uber.

MGM Grand Fat Tuesday

A very touristy sort of mall..

MGM Grand Underground Mall

There's a Pieology location down here; strategically located next to Fat Tuesday.

MGM Grand Pieology

With so much good pizza on the strip, why would you want to eat in this place? I tried they when them opened a location in South Florida and it was awful, even by South Florida standards. They closed in less than a year.

The Uber area is a disaster here, particularly after an event.

MGM Uber

It's difficult to see the cars or license places, so if you have a black sedan of unremarkable make you may have trouble finding it. I always try to take a cab when I'm at this place.

MGM Uber2

Right off the lobby there's a Starbucks that's opened late on weekends. One of my peeves in this town is that Casino level Starbucks close early; I don't want to start drinking alcohol at 8pm. Even this location closes at 8pm Sun - Thu.

MGM Grand Lobby Starbucks

The front of the main floor is all casino.

MGM Grand Casino 1

The Lobby Bar isn't really in the lobby, but it's the first drinking establishment within the casino.

MGM Grand Lobby Bar

There's another corner bar with video gambling with some TVs.

MGM Grand Corner Bar

Gaming tables are in the center.

MGM Grand Card Tables

More gambling as you approach the restaurants; the big video machines are back here.

MGM Grand Casino 2

Including Derby Deluxe, which it seems every casino now has.

MGM Grand Derby Deluxe

There are 2 wings on the main floor; The Central and The District

The Central

To the rear of the casino is The Central, where you'll find the MGM Grand Buffet and the poker room.

Also the Whiskey Down lounge.

MGM Grand Whiskey Down

A nice lounge with not so loud live music.

Whiskey Down Interior

And a Starbucks that closes early.

MGM Grand Starbucks 2

If you like bad music, the Centrifuge lounge may be for you.

MGM Grand Centrifuge

You'll also find the Buffet in this area.

MGM Grand Buffet

Tap sports bar is strategically located across for the sports book. Keep the sports fans all in one place.

MGM Grand Tap

The sports book is solid if not spectacular.

MGM Sports Book

Somewhat out of place in this casual wing is Hakkasan, an expensive Chinese restaurant.

MGM Grand Hakkasan

At the end of this wing is a club and a Pizza restaurant. Not a bad place to settle in with a slice.

MGM Grand Bonannos Casino

You can read a review here.

Level Up

The club is a roped off section with a stage.

MGM Grand Level Up

You're not supposed to bring in drinks and just hang out, although I've never seen anyone get called out for doing so.

MGM Grand Level Up Bar

It's not a beautiful crowd. People like to eat in Las Vegas.

Level Up Bar Crowd

One positive about his bar is that they have nice old Guinness on tap. Just $10 for a pint in a plastic cup.

Level Up Guinness

Early in the evening there's no band and they have a DJ playing bad house music. Then the band comes on later to play for an empty room

MGM Grand Level Up Band

One night they had a pretty good rock band, but anyone who had been hanging here while they were playing house music probably isn't into Creedence and Joan Jett.

Level Up Rock Band

Another time a bad cover band played to an empty room. I listened to 2 songs and had zero interest in coming in for a $10 beer.

MGM Grand Level Up Band 2

There just doesn't seem to be any consistent theme to the place. Juvenile, uncomfortable furniture (who wants to sit on a metal stool?), random music. Bad music lead in. Don't they see that what they have isn't appealing?

Up the escalator gets you to the exit where there's a pedestrian bridge that takes you to NY, NY.

MGM Grand NYNY Walkway

The District

The other wing is The District, where you'll find upscale restaurants and the food court.

One path gets you to Wolfgang Puck's Bar and Grill

Wolfgang Puck Bar Grill Front

And Joel Rubuchon's restaurants.

MGM Grand Latelier

The other path takes you past Loser's Saloon.

MGM Grand Losers

Despite the name, it's one of the more popular venues.They have live music and no apparent cover charge.

MGM Grand Losers Inside

Sometimes they have a full band on a stage; a real country western sort of experience.

Losers Band

The obligatory noodle bar is adorned with pandas.

Grand Wok Noodle Bar

A hidden Greek restaurant where you'll have to check in at Crush to get into.

MGM Grand Greek Sneek

A casual and somewhat uninteresting place is Crush.

MGM Grand Crush

To the right of the center casino is a section with Wolfgang Puck's, L'Atelier French Restaurant; you have to pass by the fancy, expensive restaurants to get to the food court and casual restaurants in The District.

MGM Grand Ambra

There's a long hallway lined with shops to get to the hot dogs and tacos. You'll pass the expensive restaurants first.

MGM Grand Morimoto

The Celebrity restaurant row features Morimoto, Craftsteak and Emeril's..

Craftsteak Las Vegas

Emerils Fishhouse Las Vegas

The food court features $8 slices and $9 hot dogs.

MGM Grand Food Court

This is where you'll find most people during the week when rooms are cheap.

MGM Grand Food Court Side

Past the food court there seems to be a comedy club, although I've never seen a comedy act here. This is a new location for this venue.

MGM Grand Brad Garretts Comedy

Later in the evening this is a lounge with a live singer and keyboard player.

MGM Grand Garretts Lounge

Tucked in this corner is Michael Mina's BBQ restaurant, International Smoke.

International Smoke 2

International Smoke Menu

MGM Grand Smoke Menu

One thing that does bug me about the place is that there are a lot of kids; teenagers, parents with young kids. When there's a concert it can be much worse; you might be swarmed with what seems like a never ending stream of people when the show lets out.

MGM Grand Concert Crowd


The MGM Grand is a nice, large property that tries to provide something for everyone. The lounge caters to the younger crowd; there are multiple live music venues and lots of places to get "reasonably priced' food and also high end eateries. There's a lot of walk-through traffic; not as bad as the Bellagio, but when there's an event it could be more crowded than is comfortable.

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