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Black Bear Diner Henderson 0622

Black Bear Diner

2751 N Green Valley Pkwy
Henderson NV, 89014
(725) 333-6805
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Hours: 7 days 6am-10pm

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Sign up for the Black Bear mailing list and you get a free meal; this was my free meal.

They have a huge parking lot shared with some businesses that don't seem to have many employees working in house. You'll be greeted by some wooden bears on your way in.

Black Bear Bears

Shortly after 9am, there was nobody up front. No hostess; nobody.

Black Bear Entrance

Eventually a server wearing a mask under his nose showed me to a table. Other servers weren't wearing masks, so why bother if you're not going to wear it properly?

Black Bear Dining Room

They have private label Ketchup and hot sauce; so you might think twice about ordering something you'd put kitchup on. Nothing is ever as good as Heinz.

Black Bear Condiments

Service started out well as coffee and a menu were promptly delivered. The cup has a black bear on it. Get it?

Black Bear Diner Cup

You only get the standard breakfast with no potatoes for your free meal (you pay for the coffee); I ordered eggs with sausage and rye toast.

I'd describe the music here as "nostalgic"; Eddy Arnold, Bobby Fuller, Bobby Rydell. Kind of unusual.

The food came out in 12 minutes.

Black Bear Diner Eggs

The wilted lettuce and orange slice fit with the music. But everything was here; butter packet on the plate.

The toast didn't really taste like rye bread; it was kind of strange. The eggs where fine and they have good sausage links.

Black Bear Diner Sausage

While my server checked on me and offered coffee refills several times, the good service ended as I was finishing up. She was gabbing with regulars and was completely oblivious that I was sitting with an empty plate and cup for 11 minutes waiting for my check.

Black Bear Done

She mistakenly put "birthday meal", which apparently is a $10 credit rather than the free meal, but it was straightened out at the register when they scanned the bar code on the email I'd received.


Black bear is a pretty standard "diner" type restaurant serving pedestrian food. The "Bear's Choice" that they offer as the introduction to the place isn't really what I wanted; a $10 credit would allow me to get what I wanted.

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