Last Update: Apr 15th, 2022
Carls Jr Tropicana Las Vegas

Carl's Jr

4606 E Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas , 89121
(702) 458-3537
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Hours: Open 24 Hours

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There are no Carl's Jrs where I lived before, and I've see their national commercials. Had to give it a try.

They're all over the place in Las Vegas; I just stopped in one I was driving by on Tropicana.

Inside it's clear this place is 100% a fast food burger place. Just like Burger King.

Carls Jr Tropicana Inside

Plenty of seats available, but at lunch time it doesn't appear that anyone actually eats in anymore. I suspect these place will become drive through kiosks eventually.

Carls Jr Tropicana Dining Room

I just ordered a 3rd pounder to go. Took about 10 minutes to slap into a box. "Black Angus" was the trick in the 90s; most beef is black angus. And it only had to be 51% black angus to make the claim.

Carls Jr Tropicana Box

The burger looked very fast food. Nothing appealing or special about it.

Carls Jr Tropicana 3rd pounder

Very pedestrian. Frankly it wasn't that good. Just a fast food burger.

Carls Jr 3rd Pounder Open


Carl's Jr is synonymous with Burger King to me after this visit; When Burger King first opened the Whopper was one of the best burgers you could find. I suspect that Carl's Jr was once a lot better, but once they expand and grow too big it has just become a big fast food place with bad food.

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