Last Update: Oct 18th, 2022
99 Ranch Maryland Pkwy

99 Ranch Market

3768 Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas , 89119
(702) 866-8899


Hours: 7 days, 8am-9pm
Parking: Private Log


Large, Comprehensive Asian Market


Rather Expensive


Looking around at some of the Chinese restaurants in the area, it looks like I'lll have to make my own Chinese food when I have a craving, as most of the good places don't seem to close to where I live. To make basic sauces and my own Char Siu, I need good oyster and hoisin sauce, as well as a source for bean sprouts and Chinese chives. I thought I'd check this place out.

I was surprised at how large the place is; it's as big as a full service supermarket. Usually these international markets only have the stuff you can't find in supermarkets, but this place has everything.

show_photo file="99_Ranch_Produce.jpg"]

They have all the regular Chinese stuff, like baby bok choy and all the variations.

99 ranch Baby Bok Choy

They also had chives with and without the bugs. Sprots were disappointing as they only have the bags like they have in supermarkets.

99 Ranch Sprouts

half the price of the supermarkets, but in the Florida markets they sold big bags of sprouts for $1. The have REALLY big bags here for $7, but 90% of them would spoil before a normal person could eat them.

99 Ranch Jumbo Bag Sprouts

They have a full meat counter with hard to find stuff like brown chickens.

99 Ranch Meat

Live lobsters and specialty fish in a seafood section larger than any supermarket in the area.

99 Ranch Seafood

Lobster prices on the rise. This is Oct '22

99 Ranch Lobsters

You can guy Heineken here, or Asian beer.

99 Ranch Beer

And if you like the green tea or red bean ice cream, you can get that here also. But you'll pay twice when regular ice cream costs.

99 Ranch Ice Cream

They also have a cafe with prepared food where you can guy food and table where you can eat.

99 Ranch Cafe

The steam table food reminded me too much of mall food; I suspect it might be better though.

99 Ranch Hot Food

They have a BBQ section where you can buy duck; but surprisingly they didn't have an BBQ Pork, which I probably would have tried.

No Mustard

One peeve I have is that they had no mustard. Mustard is a staple for some people, and the not only didn't have the good, gloopy Chinese mustard; they didn't have any mustard at all. Meanwhile they had Ketchup and A1; who puts ketchup on Chinese food?

99 Ranch Ketchup


This place is an excellent resource for those who cook Chinese food at home; you can buy real soy sauce, Chinese wine and most of the stuff you can't buy in a regular supermarket. It's better than Seafood city; which is more of a hybrid supermarket that this place.

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