Last Update: May 27th, 2023
Level Up May 2023

Level Up

3799 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas , 89109
(702) 891-7871
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The weekly tweeking at Level Up contiues as they've now added gates to replace the fabric line dividers with gates; as if that will stop people from entering by the bar.

They are a bit easier to lean on while listening to the band.

Level Up Gates

They had a decent rock band on this day; the usual handful of people caring about the music; with most of the cretins more interested in Beer Pong.

LevelUp 073022

Not sure why bands want to play in front of their girlfriends and siblings, but I guess they get paid. Remember when bands got paid because they had a following that guaranteed 100s of people at a venue?

LevelUp Schmarties

Review 6/2022

Level Up is a club for the younger crowd locked below the escalator that takes you to New York, New York.

Level Up High 2

To the right is a game room with pool tables; but it's mostly just turned 21yos playing beer pong (because who plays beer pong after college?).

Level Up Game Room

There's a "Virtual Reality" room with seems to draw groups of girls in party dresses before the club opens.

Level Up Reality

The bar has some TVs that nobody watches and uncomfortable chairs. The entire place is designed with uncomfortable chairs.

MGM Grand Level Up Bar

The have Guinness on tap on the bar for $10. The only saving grace.

Level Up Guinness

The big problem with this place is they have a DJ that plays early in the evening that clears the place out; and then the bands come out to an empty room. They had a pretty good rock band one night.

Level Up Rock Band

Unfortunately the house band is really bad. They do a couple of songs well but some are really, really bad.

Level Up Status

The latest time I rolled by the place had taken a turn for the worse. They moved the beer pong tables over and has some really bad entertainment on the stage. Maybe only for one night, but it was really awful stuff.

Level Up 0625


Located next to the Hakkasan Club, I thnk this place was supposed to be some sort of landing spot before and during club hours. But the club girls don't hang out here; maybe because live music isn't a thing that party girls like. It's too well lit. You can see their faces. I can't imagine that Level up is what is was conceived to be. Because it's pretty bad.

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Another Friday night, another bad band and with no people watching.

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