Last Update: Apr 17th, 2022
MGM Grand Bonannos Casino

Bonanno's New York Pizzeria

3799 Las Vegas Blvd S - MGM Casino Level
Las Vegas , 89109
(702) 597-5007
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Hours: 7 Days, 7am-6am
Parking: Resort Parking
CC: Yes
Outside Dining: No


Good Pizza


Absurdly Expensive

Critic's Review

If you want food after 10pm, you can eat in the food court or this place, which is located in the rear of the Hotel on the Casino Level.

They have some nice big stromboli's for just $13.98.

MGM Grand Bonannos Stromboli

But I was just having a slice. After not being able to get a decent slice for 15 years in South Florida, I really enjoy the pizza here; even at $7.98 a slice.

They had a wide array of fresh options; there's always a line here before midnight.

MGM Grand Bonannos Slices

It's a VERY slow moving line. They heat up each item and you don't pay until it comes out, so you're waiting and waiting for some garlic knot a guy 4 spots in front of you comes up to temperature.

MGM Grand Bonannos Line

They have seats here; but if you want to get away from the families you can take your slice over to Level Up and listen to some music without the kids. Why people are out with their 7yos at 10pm isn't something I understand; it must be a Las Vegas thing.

They don't cover the slice with stuff here; the sausage is kind of thick cut; but they don't scrimp on the cheese.

MGM Grand Bonanno Slice

A very good slice of pizza. Note the 18" pies, which is the correct size for pizza. 16" is a trick created by greedy posers.

MGM Grand Bonanno Slice Close

Foldability? Check.

MGM Grand Bonanno Slice Folded

Good to the last bite. No crust left over on this.


You'll find Bonanno's all over the strip (there's also one in the food court), somehow they got the contract. No siciian, but pretty good slices to fuel you until you get home.

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Love the sarcasm on the prices.

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