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Cuginos Deli Las Vegas

Cugino's Italian Deli & Pizzeria

4550 S Maryland Pkwy 20
Las Vegas NV, 89119
(702) 895-7561
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Hours: Tue-Sat 10-8pm
Parking: Private Lot

Critic's Review

I'd been to this place once before, and it seemed too disorganized. There were a few customers and they seemed slammed.

Cuginos Interior

Today there was just 1 couple at a table and a woman waiting for an order.

Cuginos Counters

I scoped out the lunch special menu; nothing special about the so-called specials.

Cuginos Lunch Specials

These places have become ridiculous. $7.99 is not a good price for 2 slices and a drink. What's that, $3.50 per slice and $1 for the drink. It was a standard $5 special for 30 years and then some places raised it to $5.99.

The pizza slices aren't exactly mouth watering either. Small too.

Cuginos Pizza

They have a TV sandwich menu in the rear but it doesn't have hot subs. As I looked around for another, someone asked what I wanted. "Meatball Parm Sub please". He wrote something on a piece of paper and rang it up on the register. $13.99. Remember this.

Cuginos Receipt

I thought to myself: "That can't be right. Do they include fries or something". I asked the dude for a menu and sat down to wait. So the menu said $11.99 for a Meatball Parmesan sub. So how did they get $13.99?

They sell "Italian" groceries here; unpriced. I'm sure they charge $5 for a can of chick peas.

Cuginos Groceries

It tood a while to make the sub; for this price I was expecting a large sub, but this was hardly large. No fries. How the hell is this thing $14?

Cuginos Meatball Sub

Upon closer inspection, it was hardly overstuffed with meat. 2 meatballs cut in half; maybe 2 and half. Could they spare it?

Cuginos Meatball Sub Close

The sauce was very good; thick, sweet, but the meatballs themselves were kind of bland. They couldn't carry Carando's jock strap.

Cuginos Meatball


Restaurants that overcharge me never get another visit; but at these prices I wouldn't be back anyway. The place operates like an old time deli; slow, clunky; which is fine if the food is great and reasonably priced. This place has neither of those.

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