Last Update: Feb 9th, 2023
Metro Pizza Las Vegas

Metro Pizza

1395 E Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas , 89119
(702) 736-1955
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Hours: Wed, Thu, Sun 11am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11-9pm
Parking: Private Lot
Outside Dining: No

Critic's Review

I've yet to see a picture of a pizza that looked really good from this place, so I haven't been able to pull the trigger on a pie. No slices here; so I decided to get a meatball sub; a good initial test for a pizzeria. Nobody with good pizza has bad Meatball subs.

I've had bad experiences with online ordering and restaurants not getting the order, so I decided to call, old school. When you call you don't have to pay in advance either; so if they "forget" to make your order you can just leave.

They told me 25 minutes and I got here in 15. The order wasn't ready yet.

Metro Tropicana Counter

I paid and took a seat in their 4 chair waiting area; a restaurant this size should have a more comfortable waiting area. This place reminds me of the big pizzerias of yesteryear; before the multi millionaires took over the industry. Very casual.

Metro Tropicana Inside

My order was ready right at the 25 minutes mark. I came straight home, a 10 minute ride and opened it up.

Metro Meatball Sub

With the fries, $10.75 isn't outlandish in these overpriced times; I checked Lucino's first and for $12.99 you don't get fried. Too much for meatballs and bread.

I tasted one of the "garlic" fries; they weren't crispy and they were under seasoned. I had to add salt. Nothing special about the fries. I'm not sure how fries go with a meatball sub, or why the sub isn't enough on it's own. Anything to jack up the price s couple of dollars.

Opened up the sandwich exposed 2 meatballs cut in half; so each half sandwich was 1 medium meatball. Now I see why you need to fries.

Metro Meatball Sub Open

I think this would have been a good sub with another meatball; it was just too skinny; too many bites with no meatball.

Metro Understuffed Sub


Their signature dish here is meatball sliders on a big garlic knot; I didn't want that, but meatballs are pretty cheap when you make them in bulk. Scrimping on the meatballs on a sub is the difference between a satisfied customer and one you may never see again. I hope it was worth the savings.

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