Last Update: Sep 9th, 2023
Guadalahara Boulder Station


4111 Boulder HwyBoulder Station Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas Nevada, 89121
(702) 432-7594
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Hours: Sun-Thu 11-10pm, Fri-Sat 11-11pm
Parking: Free Hotel Parking


Good Value
Free Chips and Salsa


It's in Boulder Station
Bland Food
No Lunch Specials

Critic's Review

On the hunt for some "authentic' Mexican food; I heard about this place and headed to Boulder Station just after 2pm on a Tuesday. I'd never been to Boulder Station before; this place is located deep in the bowels of this outdated, dark casino.

Much of Mexico is old so this place kind of seemed like it belonged.

Guadalahara Inside

I asked for lemon for my Iced tea and I got a tiny sliver. Don't people know why people like lemon in their tea?

Guadalahara lemon

Chips are complimentary. The usual mild red salsa and the unusual bean dip. Both were pretty good with nice fresh chips.

Guadalahara Chips

The food came out 6 minutes later. A lot of food for $14.99.

Guadalahara Table

I prefer when everything it on 1 plate but they gave a good portion of rice and beans. I'd ordered the "Combo"; a Chile Relleno and a carnitas taco.

Guadalara Relleno Taco Combo

The beans were pretty chunky. It's nicer when the cheese is melted into the beans.

Guadalara Rice Beans

I tried the carnita first. Absolute junk. Boiled meat on a taco shell.

Guadalahara Carnita Close

The point of eating the taco was to get everything else on 1 plate.

Guadalahara Plated

The Chile Relleno had a small amount of cheese inside, and despite the sauce and cheese didn't have a lot of flavor.

Guadalahara Chile Relleno Close


Guadalajara "looks" very authentic, and so does the food. The end result however is quite bland; not what I'm hoping for when I decide to do Mexican food. If you happen to be at Boulder it's a satisfactory landing spot for lunch or dinner if you're looking for a sit down restaurant

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