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Bagelmania Las Vegas

Siegel’s Bagelmania

252 Convention Ctr Dr
Las Vegas Nevada, 89109
(702) 369-3322
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Hours: 7 Days 6am - 3:30pm
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Outside Dining: Yes


Big Restaurant
Free Parking


Disappointing Food

Critic's Review

I drive by this place on my way home from Wynn or Resorts World, and I've been meaning to try it for a while. It closes at 3:30 and every time I'd passed it was either too late or I'd already eaten. I got here at 2:50 today.

There's an outside space, but at 103 degrees eating outside isn't appealing. I was going to eat in the dining room.

Bagelmania Outside Space

You walk in and there's a big counter in the front for quick serve and take out. If you're just getting a bagel or a doughnut you can get it at the counter; you can also order deli at the counter.

Bagelmania Front Counter

I planned on eating in the dining room to get the full Jewish Deli experience, but it wasn't happening. The dining room was empty, should I just sit somewhere?

Bagelmania Dining Room

There was no hostess. I figured I'd wait for a server so I wasn't sitting at a table that had no server assigned. Tick tock; 10 minutes and not a soul. Was the dining room closed? There were still customers. It was completely barren of service.

Bagelmania No Hostess

I decided to do take out. I'd save $5 on the drink and the tip.

I went to the counter where the Bagels are.

Bagelmania Bagels

And the cream cheese. They have lots of different kinds of. cream cheese.

Bagelmania Cream Cheese

I ordered a Pastrami on Rye and waited. They have T-Shirts available but I'm not sure why I'd want to wear a T-Shirt of an empty Deli.

Bagelmania Gear

I can't imagine an occasion to wear one of these. They also have a big gum ball machine. I didn't even like gum ball when I was a kid.

Bagelmania Gumballs

When I got home I opened up the bag. The containers they use are air tight and keep the pastrami warm.

Bagelmania Takeout

Too foggy to see inside. Taking off the top:

Bagelmania Takeout Open

My first impression was "Was this really $18"? This was nothing like the photos. This was a regular $10 sandwich, with a thimble of cold slaw and a crappy half dill pickle.

The slaw didn't look promising; good slaw is green; white slaw is always over-marinated.

Bagelmania Cole Slaw

I tasted the slaw. Absolutely terrible. WAY too much sugar; this is the stuff you get in a supermarket.

I opened up the sandwich to see what was inside. This is not good pastrami. Good pastrami melts in your mouth. This stuff looked tough.

Bagelmania Pastrami Open

And it fact it was. "Fatty" is ok; Gristly is not. Pulling gristle out of your mouth is not a positive experience.

Bagelmania Pastrami Eaten

This entire meal was a huge disappointment. A lot of money for a bad sandwich and inedible cole slaw.

Bagelmania Pastrami Close 2


If you've ever been to a real Jewish deli, you'll know this isn't it. I was really looking forward to trying this place; but it's just a big, corporate facsimile of a Jewish Deli. Bad food, bad service and high prices. I couldn't have been more disappointed.

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