Last Update: Jul 18th, 2022
Naked Pizza Paradise

Naked City Pizza

4608 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas , 89169
(702) 722-2241
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Hours: 7 days, 11:30-8pm
Parking: Couple of Spaces
Outside Dining: No

Critic's Review

Naked City sells thick pizza by the sheet. We do the math for you;

12" Round Pizza: 113 sq inches
16" Round Pizza: 201 sq inches
18" Round Pizza: 254 sq inches

1/4 Sheet: 6.5" x 18" = 117 sq Inches
1/2 Sheet: 13 x 18" = 234 sq Inches
Full Sheet: 26 x 18" = 468 sq Inches

They're from Buffalo so you might want to try the wings also.

Review 7/17/22

Time for a Sunday pizza and here's another place that closed at 8pm. What is wrong with these places? Their order system wouldn't allow me to place an order at 7:10, so I had to call on the phone.

1/2 Sheet with Pepperoni Please

30 Minutes. See you at 7:45

I left right away and got there in 15 minutes. I sat in the car for a while. I went inside at 7:40. There were 8 people waiting to order. Did I have to wait on line? Why do they close at 8pm?

Naked Pizza Entrance

The counter girl gave the guy a menu and I told her I had a pickup.

Naked City Pizza Counter

The pizza was ready ; I paid and I was out the door. I took a peek in the car; it looks like it might be good.

Naked City Pie in Car

I wasn't ready to eat yet, but I wanted to taste it hot out of the box.

Naked City Pizza at Home

I had a slice from the corner. It was edible food, but nothing really special. I'd be eating in about 2 hours.

Reheating the slices and pairing them with a good wine didn't elevate them; this pizza just wasn't worth a carb over load.

Naked City Pizza Slices

There was actually too much pepperonl on this pie; they don't offer 1/2 toppings or any easy way to configure a build your own the way you want. The abandonment of 1/2 toppings just shows the arrogance and lack of accommodation of the pizza industry. 2 full toppings is just too much stuff.


When I ordered a "sheet pizza", I was hoping for something different. But the crust on this pizza wasn't as good as a Detroit pizza, or a Grandma, or a Sicilian or a pan pizza. It was just. a thick crust; without enough flavor for me. In fact, DiGiorno frozen pan pizza is better than this.

I was very disappointed in this pizza.

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