Last Update: Sep 2nd, 2023
Green Valley Ranch Resort

Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa and Casino

2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy
Henderson , 89052
(702) 617-7777


Hours: Mon: open 24 hours,Tue: open 24 hours,Wed: open 24 hours,Thu: open 24 hours,Fri: open 24 hours,Sat: open 24 hours,Sun: open 24 hours


Green valley Ranch Resort is Station Casino's location in the Green Valley area of Henderson. I was hoping the place would be as nice as the Red Rock property, given that they are both fairly new. But I was very disappointed in GVRR.

One good thing about the Station casinos is that parking is free, and the garages are easy to navigate (Unlike the scary garages on the Strip).

GVRR Self Parking

Nothing spectacular about the entrance; just a slot promotion and somewhat outdated decore.

GVRR Enter

There's a Starbucks near the entrance, which is always a good place to start in the afternoon when you're n ot going to be drinking.

GVRR Starbucks

The Food Court is right here also.

GVRR Food Court Entrance

But there's not really anything compelling to draw you in; Fatburger, Tacos, subs. Same old stuff.

GVRR Food Court

Slice House is an offshoot of Pizza Rock, which is a restaurant also located in this property.

Green Valley Ranch Pizza

Of course there are slot machines. Lots of slots.

GVRR Slots

And a substantial sports book. But I don't think I'll be coming here to watch the games. Red Rock is much better.

GVRR Sports Book

Every sports book has a bar.

GVRR Sports Book Bar

Lounges where you can get drinks. Every bar is equipped with video poker. The is Las Vegas. Sort of.


The obligatory Oyster bar where you can get faux Cajun Food. I've been to a couple of the others without being impressed.

GVRR Tides Oyster Bar

Hanks is the Steakhouse here.

GVRR Hanks

Pizza Rock is a highly overrated, overpriced pizzeria that locals seem to like.

GVRR Pizza Rock

Nice than the food court I suppose.

GVRR Pizza Rock Inside

For breakfast, the Lucky Penny is the place to go if you don't feel like leaving the resort.

GVRR Lucky Penny

Other restaurants are uninspiring. Like I said there's nothing really interesting about this property.

GVRR Bottigliia

GVRR Borracha

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