Last Update: Nov 24th, 2023
Mustang Sallys Henderson front

Mustang Sally's Diner

280 N Gibson Rd
Henderson , 89014
(702) 566-1965
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Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30-3pm, Sat 8-3pm, Close Sunday
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: None
Outside Dining: Yes


Not too expensive
In Ford Dealership; if you have a Ford


Small menu

Critic's Review

When my power goes out at 10 AM, I go to breakfast. I decided to try this place, located in the Ford Dealership in the Autoshow area of Henderson.

The sign on the road leads you in; seems easy enough.

Mustang Sallys Sign

Except the parking lot is a disaster. They have sections blocked off, and I didn't know where the restaurant was. i had to go in what seemed like a one way lane to get in.

Mustang Sallys Blocked

Once inside, the place looks like an old time diner; it's easy to get a booth at 10:45. There's no hostess; you seat yourself so no reason to sit in the middle of the room.

Mustang Sallys Inside

The table has menus. Self serve until someone comes over to take your order.

Mustang Sallys Table

There's en entrance in the dealership; so if you're getting your oil changed you don't have to go far. I don't have a Ford; but it's also where the bathrooms are located.

Mustang Sallys Dealership Entrance

I ordered coffee and asked for time to ponder the menu. it's a very small menu. If you're picky this may not be your place.

Coffee arrives in the standard tiny diner cup. $2.25 with unlimited refills.

Musting Sallys Coffee

Music is surprising bad. "My Boy Lollipop", "El Paso" and "Let it be Me" would not be my early choices for 50s music.

They don't have sausage links or home fries; I ordered the classic breakfast with sausage patties.

Mustang Sallys Classic

Also Rye Toast, which is arranged in sort of a silly way. They don't butter the toast; 1 pat wasn't going to be enough.

Mustang Sallys Rye Toast

The first impression is that the plate is too small. A cramped plate with runny eggs can be quite a mess. There's no reason to use plates this small for anything. Even the bread plate is too small.

Mustang Sallys Plate Too Small

Additionally butter is available by request. I like butter on my toast.

Mustang Sallys Butter

I almost always finish my plate at breakfast, but not today. The sausage was "OK" but not worth the calories. I'd had enough.

Mustang Sallys Done


Mustang Sally's failed to impress me as a place worth going out of your way for. If you're getting your oil change, it's an inexpensive place to fuel up for the day. But not somewhere I'll be coming to again.

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