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Crab Corner Las Vegas

Crab Corner

6485 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas , 89118
(702) 489-4646
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Hours: Mon-Thu 11-9pm, Fri 11-10pm, ,Sat: 12-10pm, Sun: 12-9pm
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Outside Dining: Yes


Decent Seafood Grub


Dingy Quarters

Critic's Review

I felt like a lobster roll, and though the roll here is lobster salad, it would have to do. It was restaurant week and I thought I was getting a deal. More on that later;

The deal was a lobster roll, the crab dip appetizer and key lime pie; a $37 value according to the menu. I got here just after 2pm and there 1 was other table occupied.

Crab Corner Table

The place is very dark with harsh lighing through the storefront windows. Not conducive to great photos.

Crab corner inside 2

I told my server I as doing the special menu and he brought me the appetizer. Ah, the fix was in; this was a half portion; the normal order is 6 pieces. So instead of a $12 value this was a $6 value; making the entire deal not a deal at all.

Crab Corner Crab Dip

The crab dip was ok; better with lemon juice dripped on it.

The lobster roll came out before I was finished with the app.

Crab Corner Lobster Roll

House made chips; Not the minimalist approach with Lobster; this was a lobster salad roll with a lot of mayo.

Crab Corner Lobster Roll Close

The buttered toasted roll was larger than expected by added some good butter flavor to the mix. But many Lobster Roll purists will scoff at this implementation.

Crab Corner Lobster Roll Open

But the chips were great and the Roll quiet enjoyable; Lobster salad on a buttered roll isn't bad stuff.

Crab Corner Lobster Roll Eaten

The meal included a slice of key lime pie; something I wouldn't have ordered; hence the problem with these restaurant week menus.

Crab Corner Key Lime Pie

The pie was pretty typical but the whipped cream was breaking down; a sign of amateur restauranteurs. There are simple ways to stabilize whipped cream. This might happen at your Aunt Hellen's but it shouldn't happen in a restaurant.

Crab Corner Whipped Cream Fail


Add Crab Corner to the list or restaurants to avoid on Restaurant Week; their half portion appetizer is both deceiving and insulting. The environment is less than inspiring; The food is decent but I would have just had the Roll without the RW gimmick. My Bad.

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