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Amore of Chicago

Amore Taste of Chicago

4330 E Sunset Rd
Henderson NV, 89014
(702) 463-9163
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Hours: Mon-Thu 11-9pm, ,Fri - Sat 11-10pm, Sun 12pm-9pm
Parking: Private Lot
CC: $1 Surcharge
Outside Dining: No

Critic's Review

I drive by this place regularly so I felt like a snack; I decided to get a Chicago dog to see how authentic the place is. Before ordering a $17 pizza, I wanted to try something simple. If they can't make a decent Chicago dog they might as well be dead to me.

Inside there's a bar, a lot of tables and a lot of Chicago sports posters. The girl at the register had a Cubs jersey on.

Amore of Chicago Bar

You can't just order a hot dog; I had to get fries also. The sign indicated I wouldn't be able to use a credit card without paying an extra dollar.

Amore Surcharge

Waiting and waiting; how long does it take to make a hot dog. It's annoying when people are calling in orders and they're telling them full dinners will be ready in 10 minutes when I've been waiting 15 minutes for a hot dog. The girl asks me if I've been helped. I show her the receipt and said "I ordered and paid for it, so yeah". 2 minutes later another girl comes out with a bag. 17 minutes to make a hot dog.

I snuck a couple of fries on my way home. When I opened the bag I saw they didn't give me any ketchup for the fries or napkins. Try eating a Chicago dog without napkins.

Amore Takeout Bag

The hot dog was very uninspiring. It had all of the correct ingredients, but not in the usual order.

Amore Hot Dog

This tomato should not be served to a customer. Chop it and throw it into your sauce if you want, or throw it out. This is insulting to me.

Amore Bad Tomato

There also wasn't enough mustard on the dog. I had a properly ripe tomato and also added some mustard.

Amore Hot Dog Fixed

I didn't really want the fries; I nibbled on a few but threw most of them away.


You shouldn't have to fix a hot dog, and if I was eating on the road the lack of napkins would have been a problem, and the dog wouldn't have been nearly as good. I can only call this a fail; another restaurant that just isn't trying hard enough to be good.

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They've raised there already too high prices 20-25%; just a bad actor move. $6.45 for a hot dog now.

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