Last Update: Jun 16th, 2022
Chna Joes Las Vegas

China Joe's

7231 S Eastern Ave
Las Vegas NV, 89119
(702) 270-8771
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Hours: Sun-Thu 11-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11-10pm
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes

Critic's Review

I was at the Albertson's next door to this place and decided to get some Fried Rice, which is my initial test for a Chinese restaurant. If they can't make good fried rice then you just don't want to try anything else.

They have a very clunky online ordering system; way too many options. I just wanted pork fried rice; so I just called and ordered over the phone.

I got there in about 10 minutes and it wasn't close to being ready. There was one guy eating in the restaurant and they didn't seem to have many other orders. Fried rice is usually a 5 minute deal. I asked for extra mustard, but they were out of mustard. They also have no take out menus; just cards with a QR code that takes you to their web site. I don't need a card for that.

China Joes Inside

The food was ready in another 10 minutes. It was more than I expected; they charged me a 4.8% transaction fee.

China Joes Receipt

I opened the bag when I got home.

No boxes in Nevada. The entire world is moving towards more sturdy take out containers and Chinese restaurants are moving in the other direction to 1970s styrofoam.

China Joes Fried Rice

Not much pork, but at least there were some green onions. I plated a small portion for a midday snack. I have Chinese mustard since I haven't found 1 place in Las Vegas that has decent mustard.

China Joes Fried Rice Bowl

The rice was actually quite good. If they weren't so cheap with the pork this might be something I could recommend.


Food-wise, this place could probably make good food, but the nickel and diming in every aspect of their business will make me hesitate to order from here again. No printed menus, no mustard, no fortune cookie, sparse meat. Just not a good experience.

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