Last Update: Jul 20th, 2023
Aria Lobby Bar Wide

Aria Lobby Bar

3730 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas NV, 89158
(866) 359-7757


Hours: Sun-Thu 11-Midnight, Open until 2am on Fri and Sat
Parking: Hotel Parking


I'm not a huge fan of the venues in the Aria Resort, but the Lobby Bar is the best such venue on the strip; with a small comfortable bar and a modern lounge with lost of semi private seating.

Aria Lobby Bar Area

it's one of the nicer bars on the property.

Aria Lobby 2

What's reall special about the Aria Lobby Bar is the piano player, who is one of the more talented regular performers on the strip.

Aria Lobby Bar Vocalist

She's also very attractive; every time I come by here there's some dude either videoing her or standing 5 feet away; and she just soldiers on and keeps pounding out the tunes with her sultry voice.

Aria Creepy Dude

This dude was just staring at her for more than 15 minutes; it was so creepy a crowd actually gathered in the lobby wondering what was going on.

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