Last Update: Aug 28th, 2022
Sonic pecos

Sonic Drive-In

6135 S Pecos
Las Vegas NV, 89120
(702) 898-9559
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Hours: M-F 6am-12am, Sat 7-12am, Sun 7:30-12am
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes


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Critic's Review

I got a 1/2 price shake offer and I've been good with calories lately, so I orders and shake and a Coney; which is a chili cheese dog to you non-NYers. I was at Home Depot next door when I orders, and it wasn't ready when I got here; about a 10 minute wait. A dude on foot brought out the food; I asked why no girls on roller skates and he said it was too messy with all the falling.

Sonic Shake Takeout

I sipped on the shake on the way home. Nothing special about the shake Sort of like half melted ice cream

The coney comes in a bag with a clear window so you can see the cheese.

Sonic Coney in Bag

unfortunately the cheese sticks to the bag so I had to fish it out and reseat it on the hot dog.

Sonic Coney

Coney's are good. The shake is low on the leader board, but the coney is worth the visit.

1300 calories for this lunch.

Review 7/29/22

Today I got an offer for a free cheeseburger with purchase. Could I get it with a 1/2 price drink? I figured I'd try. And yes, you can get something free by purchasing a 1/2 price drink.

Sonic 072922 Receipt

I ordered on the app and it was ready by the time I got to the stall.

Sonic Takeout Cheeseburger

Just looked like a bun as I removed the foil; inside was what looked like a typical fast food burger.

Sonic Cheeseburger Open

Fast food burgers are more about the other stuff than the burger itself. The sauce. The Pickles. The bun. It was a decent burger. Better than the double grilled cheese which just had bad bread and tasteless meat.

Review 6/28/22

I got an offer from Sonic for a 1/2 priced Grilled Cheese Double Burger. Sounded interesting. They're pushing their App; you have to order through the App to get the deals. I ordered the Grilled Cheese Double Burger and an unsweetened iced tea. Some comedy ensued when I added lemon to my tea order; there's a $1 charge. The iced tea is $2.19. Were they giving me a whole lemon? I'd pass on the extra. $3.84 was the total.

I arrived at the sonic drive-in booth about 5 minutes before my order was supposed to be ready. You "check in" through the app and tell them which booth you're in, and they bring out the food. My order was ready.

Sonic Takeout

Being the miser that I am, I'd brought my own lemon wedge and I dropped it into the tea. I opened the burger to reveal this:

Sonic Grilled Cheese Double Burger

While the "Texas Toast" looked toasted, the burger didn't look grilled. Shouldn't a grilled cheese be grilled? Lets see what was going on in side.

Sonic Grilled Cheese Burger Opened

Sure looked like fast food to me. I should have added the pickles, but who puts pickles on a Grilled Cheese?

Sonic Grilled Cheese Burger Bite

The bread wasn't crisp; not freshly toased or grilled. This tasted like a decent fast food burger, but there was nothing Grilled Cheese about it. It was just a cheeseburger on toast.


There are many "finds" at Sonic, but this isn't one of them. What sounds like a good deam (essentially a patty melt) doesn't pass the muster; the Grilled Cheese Double Burger is just a pedestrian fast food burger on toast instead of a bun.

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