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Jersey Mikes Paradise

Jersey Mike's Subs

3900 Paradise RdSte K
Las Vegas , 89169
(702) 649-5656
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Hours: 7 days 10am-9pm
Parking: Private Lot

Critic's Review

Something familiar in Las Vegas is Jersey Mike's subs; they're all over the east coast and I've had many subs here. Join Mike's email club and they'll load enough points on your birthday to buy a regular sub; no restrictions and you don't have to use the point in 3 days or a week. Today I used my birthday points.

I ordered on their website; it's easier to configure a sub online rather than yelling ingredients over a counter. The app said it would be ready in 10 minutes.

As it turns out, I was 11 minutes away, as I arrived 1 minutes after the "Ready" time.

Jersey Mikes Inside

But when I announced I was picking up, I got this

They haven't made it yet, it will be 5-10 minutes

Fantastic. So I got to sit in the store for 10 minutes while they made my sandwich.

I'd ordered the "Original Italian", hold the lettuce. Or so I thought.The bag is pretty generic.

Jersey Mikes Bag

First impression was that it looked like solid ingredients; ripe tomatoes. Usually when someone asks for banana peppers on the side that don't also want them on the sandwich. But there was stuff missing here. I'd made a mistake while ordering.

Jersey Mikes Italian

When you're building your sandwich you can go "custom" to add or subtract ingredients. I assumed the default was fully loaded, but it's not. So in my haste to exclude the dreaded shredded lettuce, I'd forgotten to add onions, mustard and mayo.

Jersey Mikes Italian Open

Luckily I had those things in my fridge, so I was able to add them to get the sub that I was hoping for when.I ordered.


Aside from the shredded lettuce, I've always liked Jersey Mikes. Not great; they're Philly's are "OK" and their Italians are a bit above average. Not sure I'll be here again before my birthday next year; but a worthy choice for a sub east of the strip.

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