Last Update: Aug 4th, 2022
Herbs and Rye Las Vegas

Herbs & Rye

3713 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas , 89102
(702) 982-8036


Hours: Mon-Sat 5p-3am, Closed Sunday
Parking: Private Lot
Alcohol: Full Bar


Herbs and Rye is where the pretend "foodies" go to pay strip prices for ordinary food in a bar setting. With a terrible wine by the glass and beer selection and gobs of fake marketing, you'll never find us in this place. This is on their menu:

Herbs and Rye Meat Nonsense

This is total gibberish; restaurant marketing trickery to try to convince you their meat is better than what you buy in the supermarket. The first sentence is meaningless: What they "believe" has no bearing on what they are serving.

The last line is a lie; there is no such thing as "responsibly raised" cattle and the FDA states clearly that beef cannot be "hormone free". Learn how to read a menu and save yourself a lot of time and money.

Likely purveyors: Walmart or Costco.

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