Last Update: Aug 28th, 2022
Cubanidad Henderson

Cubanidad 1885

10575 S Eastern AveUnit 100
Henderson NV, 89052
(725) 217-1845
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Hours: M-F 11-9pm, Sat-Sun 10-9pm
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Outside Dining: No
Reservations: No

Critic's Review

I had to come up here for a part for my pool, and this place was right nearby. I heard through the unreliable grapevine that they had a killer Cuban, so I had to try one.

The first sign of trouble was that they don't have prices on their web site. As it turns out they've raised their prices more than 15% in the past year. Talk about inflation.

Inside the place looks like your standard Cuban Cafe; maybe a bit cleaner and more organized.

Cubanidad Inside

You wait on line and place your order. I ordered the "305"; 305 is the area code for Miami. LIttle Havana in Miami is where you go in Florida for real Cuban food, made by people who came directly from Cuba.

Cubanidat Line

There's no waiting area; the area off the counter is a service area, so I found myself waiting in the corner by the beverage station. You can watch the guys make the sandwiches if you like.

Cubanidad Kitchen

The dining area is the typical open room with long tables. Sort of like a prison or cafeteria.

Cubanidad Dining Area

When I got home I took the sandwich out of the bag. Some grease stains on the bag; Cubans aren't usually greasy.

Cubanidad Sandwich Bag

Out of the bag and it looked even more greasy. The pork must be pretty wet.

Cubanidad Sandwich WaxPaper

Out of the paper and it didn't seem like any of the many Cubanos I've had in Florida. Cuban bread in a sandwich press gets toasted; this had burn spots, and the bread was soggy. The bread looked completely wrong.

Cubanidad Cuban Sandwich The 305

Inside it seemed to have all of the correct ingredients: Roast Pork, Ham, Cheese, Pickles and mustard. When done properly, this sandwich is bursting with flavor. It should be constructed so you get all of the flavors in every bite; the pork, ham, cheese, pickles and mustard. Every bite.

Cubanidad 305 Sandwich

The pork is the key swing ingredient. Good ham can also make or break it. There was nothing special about the pork. And they were very cheap with the pickles on their $10.95 sandwich.

Cubanidad Cuban Sandwich Open

I ate this and it was an OK sandwich; if I had pickles in the fridge I would have put some more on; not enough flavor. I'd give this a C at best. Not enough ham and not enough pickles or mustard. Amateur hour in Henderson.


When people who have never had a good Cuban sandwich start raving about very mediocre food places get a big head and raise their prices. There is no chance this sandwich is worth $10.95. Cuban food is supposed to be cheap. While this may be the best Cuban restaurant in Henderson, it wouldn't last long in Miami without upping their game substantially.

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