Last Update: Mar 19th, 2023
Blueberry Hill Flamingo

Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant

3790 E Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas , 89121
(702) 433-9999
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Hours: 7 days, 6am-9pm
Parking: Private Lot
CC: 2.5% Surcharge
Outside Dining: No


Extensive Menu
Competently Prepared Food


Too High prices for a Diner in this part of town
2.5% surcharge on Credit Cards

Critic's Review

While they call these "Family Restaurants", make no mistake about it: Blueberry Hill is a diner from the counter, the pay as you leave, the all day breakfast and the selection of pies for desert.

Blueberry Hill Counter

There's a good sized dining room but also a good amount of booths;

Blueberry Hill Dining Room

they have small booths "for 2" that are just the right size for 1. I got one with a good view of the counter.

Everything you could want (it seemed initially) available on the table. I got coffee in short order.

Blueberry Hill Condiments

Blueberry Hill Eggs

The muffin took forever; I think they had to run over to Smiths to get them.

I tried to wait but I'd already dug in by the time the muffin arrived.

Blueberry Hill Breakfast

Something I noticed at this point was that butter was not on the table; I had to ask for butter for the muffin. I usually do cream cheese on a muffin, but when I do butter I use a lot.

Blueberry Hill Muffins

Flagging the girl down for more coffee was an effort; good diners come around incessantly with refills to the point of being annoying. I shouldn't have to wait for coffee.

The final straw was when I went to pay with a Credit Card the cashier lady pointed to a sign indicating a $1 fee for using a card.


While the food is good, this place is just too expensive for a diner in this part of town. Adding insult to injury, they charge an extra fee to use a CC on top of their lofty prices. Note to restaurant owners; You charge a CC fee to keep your costs down so you can provide good prices. If you're charging $15 for an amelet AND charge the fee, you're guaranteed not to see me again.

While you hear people complaining about the price of eggs, an egg is still only 30 cents, which means an omelet with hash browns is still only $3 worth of food. Places that have raised their prices $5-6 are gouging, plain and simple.

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