Last Update: Nov 11th, 2023
Famous Daves BBQ Henderson

Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

651 Mall Ring Cir
Henderson , 89014
(702) 433-0013
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Hours: Sun-Thu 11-9pm, Fri-Sat 11-10pm
Parking: Private Lot


Decent Food


100% Commercialized

Critic's Review

I moved to Florida from Long Island in 2006; Famous Dave's opened on Long Island a few years later right next to a place I used to eat when I went back to visit. I never went to Dave's, but I thought about it. There are no Famous Dave's in SE Florida; too many other good BBQs for them to compete; This location is by the Galleria mall in Henderson; I was in the area and decided to grab some lunch.

I could have ordered online but I didn't; I wanted to see the wait for straight take out. You can get the lunch menu until 4pm, which is better than 2pm or 3pm like some other places. I hate having to pay dinner prices at 3:15pm.

I ordered the PIck 2; 2 meats and a side for $16. Of course you can't get brisket or ribs, which is ridiculous.

Famous Daves Henderson Counter

I had to pay $1 more for 2 ribs and $1 more for 3oz of brisket. Can you say "Rip-Off"?

"Love You Madly" was playing, which seemed to not fit the Country Western theme of the place.

Famous Daves Henderson Dining Room

The food was ready in about 10 minutes, not too bad.

I did stop off at Smith's and Trader Joe's on the way home, so maybe 25 minutes before I opened the food.

Famous Daves Takeout

You know the place is commercial when the BBQ sauce comes in branded foil packets. At least I got cornbread for my $17.

Famous Daves Pick2 Lunch

Enough for lunch but there wouldn't be any leftovers. I tried the brisket first; pot roast. Dry, tasteless; I paid extra for this?

Famous Daves Pick2 Lunch Plated

Without the sauce, which is very sweet, the brisket is inedible. Don't get the brisket. The ribs were passable; better than Applebee's but not what you'd hope to get from a good BBQ.

The beans, however, were quite good. Not smoky, but firm and a bit spicy with chunks of pork and beef.

Famous Daves Wilber Beans

Dave's beans are a winner. The cornbread was also good; firm and not soggy. I usually don't eat the cornbread but I ate half of this.


Famous Dave's is mediocre stuff; I've wanted to try it for a long time and now I have. Probably never again; not because it's terrible but because it's not good enough for the price they charge. You can say that about a lot of restaurants these days; if I'm spending $20 for lunch I want it to be better than this.

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