Last Update: Nov 10th, 2022
Jets Open

Jet's Pizza

1321 W Sunset Rd Suite 120
Henderson NV, 89014


Parking: Private Lot


Jet's is now open in Henderson, I voted at the mall so I stopped in for a slice.

Jets Inside

But they're not selling slices; only small pizzas. $15.40 for a 4 slice pizza. I left without trying the pizza.

Jet's are franchises, so whether it's well run or not will depend on the operator. The pizza is interesting; It's square pizza; not Detroit and not Sicilian. Here's a review I did a few years back that might give you an idea of what to expect.

Jet's PIzza in South Florida Review, 2013

When I was a kid growing up on Long Island we used to chip in for gas and head over to Trotta's Pizza in Smithtown; they had square pizza that wasn't really Sicilian; it was thinner than Sicilian but it had the crispy, caramelized edges that transformed the usual throw-away crust into the entire point of the slice. We went in there stoned one day, and my friend asked for a root beer. "We're out of root beer", the owner said. "What else do you have?", my friend asked. "We have Coke, Sprite and root beer", said the owner, obviously reciting from rote memory. "Ok, I'll have a root beer". I think we laughed for an hour. I guess you had to be there.

Now that I'm more calorie conscious I don't usually go for the square pizza, so Jet's isn't usually on my radar. They also have round pizza, but getting a round pizza slice at Jet's is like getting a salad an McDonald's.

The old location was a narrow, tiled hallway with a counter on the end. Not a place for dining in. I guess the tile part of the Jet's thing, because they've rebuilt the bathroom-like walls in the new location.

Jets new tile

There's a room with tables so you can more easily eat in now. I ordered a slice, and the counter guy informed me that it was square, which they didn't on my last visit. He said that they didn't have any slices and that a pie was coming out in "5 or 6 minutes". Ok, not too bad. So I sat on a metal bench and waited.

15 minutes later, still no slice. I was thinking that a guy who makes pizzas all day long knows exactly how long it takes to cook a pizza, so he must have known that a pie wasn't coming out in 5 minutes. He must have just put it in. 17 minutes later, the slice came out in a bag.

Jets slice

The slices here are hearty; 1 slice is enough for a good snack. The sauce and cheese is ok; this particular corner only had about an inch of the crispy good stuff. It's a decent slice, but it's more bread than I want. They lose a service star for BSing me about how long I'd have to wait.

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Opening Nov 1st

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